The Loomica Labs is one of the contract manufacturing pharmaceutical companies in India. This pharmaceutical organization deals with the manufacturing and marketing of different formulations of dosage forms and therapeutic segments. We are currently supplying to almost all Indian and multi- national companies across the world. Along with this we offer comprehensive product portfolios of pharmaceutical formulations which cover all major segments, solution driven products in tablets, capsules, gelatins, hormones, dry syrups, liquid orals and jellies and cosmetics. The Loomica Labs are in fact the pharmaceutical formulations covering almost every therapeutic segment. Within a few span of years, the company has grown to a high extent and has a good turn over. The Loomica Labs had been successful in achieving accreditations and keeping trust on efficiency, trust and quality. This is achieved mainly due to the dedicated pharmaceutical staffs and standardized practices.


The Loomica Lab’s existing manufacturing facilities are conceptualized considering the new era of technology. We keep international standards especially on our ultra-modern plants in order to get world class in all dosage forms in each segment. We provide best quality products with most sophisticated and latest equipments with ensuring timely deliveries. The manufacturing facilities and laboratories at Loomica Labs are equipped with ultra-modern and sophisticated equipments and instruments. The company is doing continuous efforts on consistent development of the technology, quality and packing of the pharmaceutical formulations.

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